Today’s World Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Day is led by patient organizations and takes place to support the millions of people living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis!

Patients with inflammatory bowel diseases might experience serious side effects of current standard therapies that too often are ineffective. Advanced Therapy approaches, such as cell therapy, have the potential to improve safety and efficacy and even lead to the restoration of health.

For example, several early stem cell based clinical trials have been conducted to assess their power to ameliorate Crohn’s disease at different stages of the disease. While questions remain with regard to the optimal source of cells, as well as the dose and frequency of cell delivery and the mechanism of healing they trigger, trial results have been encouraging. RESTORE will facilitate such Advanced Therapy approaches to better manage Inflammatory Bowel Diseases by helping to translate products and technologies into clinical practice.

Please read more about the new era of Advanced Therapies in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases:

Current Gastroenterology Reports (2019) 21: 16 Stem Cell Therapies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Amy L. Lightner