Vision & Mission of the Large Scale Research Initiative Candidate RESTORE

Our Vision & Mission

  • The unifying goal of the RESTORE is to make the transforming promise of Advanced Therapies (Cell & Gene therapies, Tissue-Engineering products, Biologised Medical Devices) a reality through the development of new Advanced Therapies and their implementation in clinical practice to enhance the value-base outcome of patients.
  • We are aiming at a future in 2030 and beyond where dozens of Advanced Therapy products “discovered & made in Europe” become world-market leaders, where Advanced Therapies are affordable and standard-of-care for many currently incurable diseases and finally, where every European citizen has access to Advanced Therapies that are required for his/her personalized treatment.
  • Driving innovation, patient-centered clinical research, compliance with high quality and ethical standards, and bidirectional communication with scientific and public society are central tasks of the Large Scale Research Initiative.
  • RESTORE health will become a game changer in health care within the next decade and will have a high impact on Europe’s society and economy.

To reach this goal it is necessary to create a European ecosystem that will:

  • be a place where experts in clinical and basic research, technology development and engineering, health economics, system biology, regulatory processes and patient advocacy from leading academic, industrial and related stakeholders in the field meet, communicate and work together to address the challenges along the development pipeline of a new emerging class of Advanced Therapies (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products and Biologised Medical Devices – ATMP/bio-MD);
  • move advanced therapies from early developments and studies driven by unmet medical need and science to approved and marketable products achieving adequate reimbursement;
  • advance at the same time the basic science on advanced Therapies in order to continuosly refine product prototypes and refill the pipeline by finding better solutions for solving outstanding scientific and technology challenges;
  • form translational Hubs for Advanced Therapies that closely interact with the non-academic stakeholders to accelerate traslation and commercialization of advanced Therapies in Europe but also to educate and train the various communities on this field;
    deliver state-of-the-art knowledge, cutting edge technologies, development strategies, infrastructures and educational pathways necessary for the development of European ATMP/bio-MD academic and industry partners to top players in the world league leading to long-tern health, economic, scientific and sociologic benefits for the European community;
  • closely interact worldwide with leading international partners in the field and attract them to collaborate with or even become member of the consortium;
  • generate new market opportunities through a superior Advanced Therapy platform that will stimulate the growth and competitiveness of the European medical and biotechnological industry and health sector.