Translate meeting 2021

Advanced Therapies and translational science go hand in hand. This is why we are looking forward to the next Translate! meeting on 25-26th January 2021, an event jointly organized by the Berlin Institute of Health, Science Translational Medicine and the German Research Foundation.
The event is not exclusively about Advanced Therapies, nor is it exclusively a European event. However, it is focused on the exceptionally important task of translation. Therefore, we believe that there are likely to be valuable lessons we can all learn during this event. That is why we are encouraging you to take part and register.

Many of you have been successful in translating your research findings into products or have products in development. Many of you have also already been able to make these products available to patients.  If you are interested in telling your translation stories to a wider audience, then the Challenge@Translate! could be just the arena in which you can do so!  Just send in a 90 second video to the pitch contest Challenge@Translate!
Five pitches will be chosen by a jury and will be displayed on the event’s website.

Submission is easy. The specifics and creativity with which you tell your story are totally up to you!

Apply now!