The Houston Methodist Research Institute is looking for four postdocs or research associates for:

  1. An NIH-funded grant on the role of microvascular recovery in the reversal of heart failure, where we are using lineage tracing and single cell -omics to pursue an exciting observation that in our animal model, as well as in humans, that recovery from heart failure is associated with a mesenchyme-to-endothelial transition, improved perfusion and enhanced contractility
  2. An industry-funded project to develop mRNA LNPs for skin rejuvenation for burn patients and aged individuals
  3. An NIH-funded study that will examine the effects of SARS-CoV-2 to induce an endotheliopathy that is responsible for the acute and chronic manifestations of COVID19.
  4. An NIH-funded grant that requires a bioinformatician who will assist us in our studies of the epigenetic determinants of endothelial identity and their alteration with aging.

If you are interested please get in contact with: Timo Nazari-Shafti, Ph.D.

Please feel free to forward this to people interested.