We are seeking a talented candidate responsible for bioinformatics analyses in an interdisciplinary research environment. In the team of Prof. Volk and associated groups we aim to develop diagnostic biomarkers, as well as to provide new treatment options by developing advanced cellular therapies in a variety of preclinical and clinical settings. 


  • Collaborate with basic and clinical research teams to create synergy in developing biomarker strategies and translational approaches.
  • Responsible for scientific data management, bioinformatics analyses, visualization, dissemination of generated data.
  • Comprehend project requirements and translate research questions into appropriate analysis workflows.
  • Plan experimental studies utilizing state-of-the-art single-cell technologies (scRNA-, CITE-, scATAC-, scV(D)J-Seq)
  • Design, implement and execute analysis workflows, define appropriate QC measures. Perform statistical analyses, apply algorithms and methods for high-
  • dimensional data. Contribute to automation of processing and reporting of analysis results.
  • Interpret and present analytical results to colleagues and investigators. Publication of research achievements.
  • Training and supervision of bioinformatics work of PhD students.


  • A PhD degree in bioinformatics, biotechnology, data science, immunology or equivalent experience in the field
  • Analytic experience and skills to interpret immunological data in preclinical and clinical settings
  • Demonstrated expertise in single-cell data analysis is highly desirable
  • Proficient in selection and development of open-source software packages
  • Excellent programming skills in scripting languages (We love R!)
  • Knowledge of multivariate analyses, statistical modeling and machine learning
  • Experience in user interface programming, such as in RStudio Shiny, is a plus
  • Very good written and spoken English
  • A deep understanding of immunological mechanisms, pathways and immune cell populations is highly desirable

Starting date:

Duration of employment:
3 years

Working hours:
39 hrs./week

E13 TVöD VKA-K; Employees are grouped into pay scales according to their qualifications and personal requirements. You can find our collective bargaining agreements (Tarifverträge) here: https://www.charite.de/en/careers/

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