Over 1.4 million children with heart disease are born every year, many of them with a defect cardiac valve. Various valve prostheses are available for adult patients, but none has been specifically developed for children. If a replacement valve between right ventricle and pulmonary artery is necessary, the majority of young patients receive an implant derived from a bovine jugular vein.  Older children may receive small valves from bovine pericardium or porcine material. All valves originating from non-human material are being recognized and attacked by the young patients’ immune system – leading to their gradual deterioration. Frequent follow-up surgery is necessary, which impacts implant function and quality of life.

The state-of-the-art for children with heart disease is not good enough!

The RESTORE initiative works towards the development and implementation of Advanced Therapies in clinical routine, e.g. a heart valve replacement for children that is well tolerated and requires fewer follow-up procedures. Pioneering spirit and new technologies are behind this paradigm shift in clinical care: growing valve implants from patient tissue, modification of patient tissue, 3D bioprinting and sustainable biological cross-linking methods. The result will be a tailored, individually adapted heart valve from autologous tissue that is being accepted by the child`s immune system. Advanced Therapies hold the potential for an increased quality of life.

That is why RESTORE works towards the development and implementation of innovative and safe Advanced Therapies in clinical care.

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