Research & Technology Themes:

Foundational Research (new targets and new indications)
Specific sessions:

  • Support of endogenous regeneration
  • Cell, tissue and organ replacement
  • Cancer
Preclinical Models and Technologies (focus on human-on-a-chip)
Specific sessions:

  • Preclinical model systems – in vivo and in vitro
Manufacturing Technologies (including product characterisation and automation)
Specific sessions:

  • Somatic and gene-modifed cells
  • Tissue-engineering and composite products
  • In vivo gene therapy and editing
  • Pluripotent stem cells and adult stem cells
  • Ex vivo gene delivery/gene editing
Clinical Implementation (including reimbursement models)
Specific sessions:

  • Implementation of Advanced Therapies in clinical routine
  • Valuation and innovative reimbursement models
Regulatory Science & Clinical Trials
Specific sessions:

  • Early clinical trials, regulatory science, refined translation
  • Pivotal clinical trials and marketing authorisation
  • Post-trial / long-term follow-up, data warehouses and registries
Special Workshops
Specific sessions:

  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Re-thinking Ethics and Health Economics

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