Driving Academic Translation of Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT)

The event is sponsored by the Translation Partnership Award (Wellcome Trust & BIH/Charité), Berlin Center for Advanced Therapies (BeCAT), and BIH Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT).

The program will include case study presentations on the identification of translation barriers in the field of CGT in Europe and strategies to overcome them or reports on already successful results.


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Gene Therapy 2.0

The event will be chaired by Prof. Hildegard Büning (Institute of Experimental Hematology, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany)

Gene Therapy 2.0

Bringing Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) to the clinic and beyond: How to ensure the sustainable and affordable introduction of ATMPs into healthcare

The deadline for manuscript submission to the RESTORE Frontiers in Medicine topic has been extended to the 22nd of June 2021.

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Harnessing cell therapies to fight COVID-19: Basic research, clinical evidence and patient access

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RESTORE Position Paper

The RESTORE position paper represents the cumulative efforts of the RESTORE community, and the steering committee since the start of the RESTORE initiative in 2019. It outlines, in depth, the RESTORE view on why Europe should invest in Advanced Therapies, the roadblocks in Advanced Therapy development and implementation into patient care, and makes recommendations about how Europe can tackle these hurdles to establish a sustainable pan-European ecosystem integrating research, clinics, industry and patients.

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MSC Therapies for COVID-19: A Perspective Article

RESTORE partners from the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin have published a perspective article in Frontiers in Immunology (Vaccines and Molecular Therapeutics) about the use of mesenchymal stromal/stem cell (MSC) therapies for treating COVID-19.

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RESTORE response to COVID-19

The RESTORE partners have also been contributing to the intense efforts to curb the devastating spread of SARS-CoV-2 and to treat critically ill patients. We would like to share some of the efforts of the RESTORE partners in targeting and treating SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. They are involved in a variety of research actions from compassionate treatment and clinical trials of novel therapeutics to identification of novel biomarkers, diagnostics and vaccine development.

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If you would like to share with RESTORE how you are fighting the virus, please tweet us @RESTOREhorizon

Large Scale Research Initiative


The visionary unifying goal of Large Scale Research Initiative RESTORE is to make the transforming promise associated with Advanced Therapies a reality for the benefit of patients and society.

RESTORE sees itself as a “place” where medicine, basic research, technology development and engineering meet, communicate and work together. Through this coordinated, financially strong, academia-industry partnership, we hope to exert a game-changing impact on Europe´s economy and society.

RESTORE Momentum Workshop

RESTORE Momentum Workshop

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